Sunday, January 19, 2014

Portlandia, part MCMIX

Jordan loves George (Curious)

I asked Jordan if he wanted to watch the Tigers game.
Five minutes later he asked, "where are the Tigers?"

Luke loves Maggie and Maggie substitutes. 

i Run 4

One of the highlights of this fall was joining the group iRun4. Runners are partnered with kids who can share our energy and love. My little is Buddy-C. She has CMS (Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes). For more info on CMS click here
This was my first run for buddy-C, a race to accelerate the pace of finding a cure for childhood cancers. It was a great 10K run (with my friend Emily). 

Yet another day at Double Bluff

Perfect Ferry View


Heron Flying Over Luke

Even a supermodel sometimes has to cough it out.

Light, Spirit

One of the high ceremonies to kickoff the new school year is the Mass of the Holy Spirit. It is one of my favorite school celebrations. Especially, I love the chapel where the mass is held, including the grotto with holy figures. I love the light, intention, hope, and warmth in this picture. Amen.

Evenings and Weekends

I had a big report due on Nov. 1st. I had to spend a lot of extra time in my office. Luke make friends with my recycling container, but was always happy to leave (esp when we played in the quad before going home).

Before the days got too short...

There were evening walks at Golden Gardens

Pure Peace

Fall in Little Bavaria

Dry, uphill hike; higher than it looks

Felled tree; cute dog

Fuzzy Wonder Dog Flies!

21 in dog years doesn't count.

We hiked that showy figure

Resting in the rain

Now run along and play, but don't get into trouble….

I had a little friend who fell in love with Curious George, one of my childhood favs.

Hi Ho!

Back to work. One of my first meeting was on Bainbridge Island. 
Nice views from my "office" windows:

Mom and Jerry Visit

A long, long time ago my mom promised I would have a fuzzy wonder dog.

And she was right. And the fuzzy wonder dog loves her very much!

Don't mom and Jerry make a cute couple? They are brought Kansas-love to Seattle (literally, they brought me my childhood stuff I had been storing in mom's closet)!

Walkin' in a Spider Web…

Hello, Charlotte 

Nina's Baby!

Spoiler alert: We welcomed baby Ysa to the world; she is a doll!

Seahawks, Foxes, and Wolves!

Face Painting at a Charity Walk

New Fall Sweaters

Friends who Picnic

Until the bees attacked….

Kat Crawls on a perfect manicured lawn
with a city view in the background

Labor Day Sunrise

Luke's bobbing head in the sun's reflection

Late Summer Sunset

Thai Picnic, with view of Mt. Baker in dusky sunset